The Micro420

Large Buds. Small Buds. Run Blended, Separate or Combined. It All Works.

Key Highlights

Large Buds Blended With Small Buds In Every Jar. Guaranteed.

1250+ Jars Per Hour

Regardless of how you load your flower or how you package it, this is a conservative number.The operation of the Micro420 is up to you and gives you control of speed and accuracy.

+/- 1% Accuracy

Use any size buds (blended or sorted) so long as they fit in the jar. The system is designed to run either pre-blended product or we guarantee that at least one large flower is in every single jar.

One Person Operation

Unlike other machines, that person does not need to be a NASA engineer. The operator just needs to own the operation of the machine.

Infinite Custom Settings

Infinite settings means your speed and accuracy goals are met or exceeded.


1 year parts warranty and 90 days on site labor warranty. Plus, our forever free support will help keep you up and running.

Made and Supported In The USA

Custom built for your specs and forever free support is included with each machine.