Cannabis Packaging Machine
The Micro420

Cannabis Packaging Machine

The only cannabis packaging machine To mix at least one large bud With small buds In each jar, guaranteed.

The numbers don’t lie. Mixing large and small buds means more profit.

Until now, it’s been a manual and messy process.

The MICRO420X10-MT was built to accommodate the unique material properties and flow characteristics of cannabis. 

Harnessing the metrological speed and versatility of combined weights while leveraging the superior flow control and variable dynamics of a linear system, this unique hybrid of mechanics and electronics results in a scale system with unparalleled performance.

Our cannabis packaging machine processes low target weights, such as 1.000g and 3.500g, with exceptional accuracy, +/- 1-2%, at high speed and comes standard at 1 mg (0.001 g) resolution. Modularly designed for scalability and configurability, it is simply the best automated packaging scale for cannabis on the market and it’s proudly Made in the USA.25 cycles per minute equals 12,000 jars per day and free lifetime support means you’ll stay up and running for years to come.

Why Choose ActionPac?

You have a lot of options. Investing in packaging equipment is confusing.

 All the manufacturers say their machine is the fastest, is the most accurate, is the most durable…

 They all look shiny. They all have cool tech. One looks like the other.

 How do you decide?

 Especially when the downside is so, well, down. You could buy a large paperweight.

 In fact, choose the wrong machine and you could go out of business.

Investing in capital equipment and then production coming to a screeching halt is a receipt for disaster.

 There are 4 reasons to invest with ActionPac.

 1. Made and Supported in the USA

 Let’s be honest. Some parts for some machines will come from offshore. All manufacturers use offshore. If manufacturers didn’t use offshore parts, your machine would be 5 times the cost.

 The difference really is how much and how often.

 At ActionPac, most of our machines are 100% made in the USA. We’re in Oxnard, CA, near the beach. You can come by and visit. We’ll even buy you one of those fruit drinks with an umbrella.

 You can see your product and packages run on our cannabis packaging machine. We call it a F.A.T., Factory Authorization Test. See #3.

 2. Built To Your Order

 Here’s another difference: most companies will sell you an “off the shelf” machine.

 It’s like ordering from Amazon. Order comes in; product goes out.

 Yes, it’s faster, but it’s slower in the long run.

 It’s not made for your products and bags, for your facility, for your employees, even for your climate…it all matters.

 A cannabis packaging machine that is built for your variables save you time, money, and headaches.

 3. Written Performance Guarantee

 If we say that your machine will run at X with Y accuracy, it will run at X with Y accuracy.

 It’s in writing. Not only that, you get to see it run at X and Y – either in person or via video – before you make the final payment and it ships.

 No one else does that. No one.

 4. Free Lifetime Support

 Here’s the kicker: Free Lifetime Support.

 Parts are guaranteed for 6 months, and you have free lifetime phone and video support.

 If you have a problem, call, email, text, screen share, WhatsApp… and we’ll get you up and running again and optimise the system.

 If we’re sitting at our desk, we’ll pick up the phone. If not, we’ll get back to you, usually the same day.

 No one else does that.

 That’s the ActionPac Difference.

 Email us with questions or to arrange a consultation.

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