Cannabis automation is overwhelming. There are too many options. Every company makes promises. Some can do what they say. Finding the right automation manufacturer is about having a conversation about your product, your containers, your facility, your goals… It’s not about buying an off the shelf machine. It’s about finding a company that you trust.

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vibration pre roll machine

Maggie’s Farm Case Study

How Maggie’s Farm Increased Pre-Roll production 100x. In 2017, Maggie’s Farm started manual pre-roll production, doing about 2400 a month. In 2018, they added a Knockbox and went to 8,000 a month. In 2019, they added their first Rollmaster420 and soared to 120,000 per month. This year, their second Rollmaster420 and are on pace for

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Why The Best Cannabis Packaging Automation Is Like A Bque

The best packaging automation is like a BBQ.  Let me explain. We had one of our ActionPac Family BBQs last week, one of 2 or 3 a year. Roberto grills. Jerry makes his poppers. Minnie stacks the napkins. John brings the filet. Kollin plays originals. Kalee plays covers. Lucio smiles. It’s a team event. It’s

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